A new chapter ahead...


Dear Lisa Tucci fans,

last month, I was again in Paris to get inspiration for new collections. This is a habit since many years and even when Paris is not my favourite city, I always came back with many ideas and impressions.

There is this well known shop (Roses Costes Dani Roses) with just 1 product: roses! I love this shop and saw that it had to close a while ago. The picture is from a previous trip by the way.I don't know why the shop was closed but I'm convinced that the passion the owner had for his product will not have vanished. 

I was thinking about the shop and saw a similarity with LISA TUCCI. My passion (I should say our passion because of my colleague Gabriele) for shoes will never die. Perhaps a strange thought but it enforced me to put even more effort in the new chapter of LISA TUCCI. 

Well we are working at the moment on the new Summer collection 2021 which will be online beginning of February with recognizable styles, interesting materials and new surprising shoe art. 

Stay happy, full of power, try to enjoy life as much as possible.

Warm regards


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