The founder of LISA TUCCI company, Hans Loffeld, was an innovative and vivacious man who owned a small chain of independent cafes. During a four-month world trip in the 1970's, he visited Italy.  The country had a profound effect on him.  When he returned from this journey, he announced plans to his family to build a business in women's footwear.


      Hans Loffeld had not only business ideas, but design ideas.  He had the idea of a unique brand.  After initially purchasing shoes from Italian importers, he decided to venture out and produce his innovative product.  His desire was to provide a good-fitting, stylish shoe with new and continually changing inventory and design.


        A natural business person who relied on instinct to build his brand, Mr. Loffeld found a match in his designer for LISA TUCCI footwear.  The reliable business person with great business sense and the Italian designer with moving, imaginative sketches instinctively knew what women desired in footwear.   


          Mr. Loffeld spent many days of the year in Italy with his designer. Together they discussed topical trends, constant needs and the changing desires of the company's customers. The founder of LISA TUCCI and his designer became the heart and soul of the company. Women came to know the brand for its unique styles tailored to the individual.  LISA TUCCI became a respected brand. 


             In the picturesque hilly scenery of the south, the LISA TUCCI line exploded.  Brother-in-law Huub, inspired by the irrepressible strength of Hans Loffeld, joined the enterprise and opened a flourishing shoe store in Kerkrade. Son Alexander Loffeld arrived, and thus it became a true family business; a family that dedicated its heart to the company and the LISA TUCCI brand.


             The LISA TUCCI company designs and manufacturers using its own forms. The form offers the designer unlimited possibilities-a 'blank canvas' on which to use his imagination. Standard forms also guarantee a consistent fit. The designer works with these forms as well as a variety of the highest quality materials to create imaginative designs. 


               Upon completion of design, the designer literally 'stamps' his approval on the draft.  This draft is sent to the factory where a sample is produced.  The prototype is returned to the designer for further refinement and final approval. Only after the shoe has met his criteria and been tested for fit and appearance is the shoe returned to production.  


                 Shoe production is labor intensive, almost exclusively manually performed. Inspection is imperative throughout the process to insure quality and consistency in the brand. The production of LISA TUCCI shoes is strictly controlled.  An example is an attention to detail found in the strengthening of the innersoles in the shoes; this support is unseen to the consumer and yet is a vital component in the making of a durable quality shoe.  


                  We are as selective in our retailers as in the production of our shoes!  With the rebirth of our brand, it is important to us to market to exclusive retailers; we limit the number of businesses carrying our product in any given geographical area.  A retailer must fulfill a number of criteria to carry our brand. While we market the LISA TUCCI brand worldwide, we want our retailers to be only the best. In the past, LISA TUCCI was sold in multiple shops in over 20 countries. We now have online operations as well as brick and mortar businesses. 


                    We want the best because we sell the best! We look for retailers who appreciate the quality of a well-made, established brand and are willing to commit to a long-standing relationship. The vendor is our liaison to our customer, and we want to develop a personal relationship that benefits us all.  


                     LISA TUCCI IN THE 2010's

                      With the overriding principles of the founder firmly intact, the current owner has used his own instincts to propel the LISA TUCCI company into the 21st century. Implementing new ideas while remaining true to the original vision of the company, the quality, and history of LISA TUCCI remains constant even through the ever changing styles developed for fashion savvy consumers.


                      LISA TUCCI shoes are unique. They are a shoe that speaks to the emotions. A shoe that is designed with human engineering in mind-a comfortable shoe with an elegant sporty look. LISA TUCCI is always - DESIGNED BY INSTINCT.